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A Creative Spirit...

A Passionate Textile Artist

Sherri Ramsey is a weaver of spirit and cloth. Your project will be one of a kind made with love and positive energy in every stitch.

Take a look at Sherri's work for yourself.

Bring Out The Spirit Of Your Fabric

I am so happy to have you here! At Spirit Quilter your quilts and keepsakes will be transformed by me, Sherri Ramsey. I have a unique gift of intuitively connecting to the quilt or fabric you bring me and I am able to discover what it wants or needs to become so you may continue to cherish it.

I transform your quilts and keepsakes in a sacred space while honoring the integrity of the cloth as well as those it served before and those it will serve in the years to come. As I work with each item I infuse it with my positive energy and love along with using quality materials in order to deliver to you a complete project that will not only satisfy you but also satisfy what the fabric itself wanted to become.

Vintage Pinwheel on Frame.jpg

My Services

I offer a wide array of quilting services in order to provide my clients with the best results possible depending on their individual needs. Here is what I do:


Computerized Edge to Edge Quilting

Semi-Custom and Custom Quilting

Memory Quilts

Quilt Finishing (binding, sleeves, labels)

Other Keepsakes

Quilt Repair

If you are interested in my quilting services I have  preparation information and pricing located on the Pricing & Prep page. I look forward to working with you!


Quilt Spotlight

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