Sherri Ramsey


I've always had a love for art, especially fabric, thread, paint, and mixed media.

In the late 90's I discovered tatting and loved not only the end product but the process of creating. Fast forward a few decades and I've continued creating through quilting, knitting, creating journals and other textile art.

I have a magnificent long-arm quilting machine with all the bells and whistles helping me create beautiful quilts. 

Please allow me the honor of transforming your quilt tops, t-shirts, fur coats, thread, paper - anything you have from your loved one that has passed on - and create a quilt or art piece that will truly be a keepsake for generations.

For special memory quilts or other keepsakes, I connect to divine, the loved one(s), and ancestors in a sacred environment to breathe, chant, drum, sing, weave and honor the gift that has been given to me that I infuse into your keepsake so that it becomes what it is meant to become. 

It's your story and keepsake - I'm here to bring forth my gifts and offerings and create a special keepsake you will love.

if you have created your own beautiful quilt top - I'd love to finish it for you! check out my other pages for pricing & prepping your quilt top. 


Do you have a special item, but not sure how to honor it or the person that made it special? Tired of it sitting in a box collecting dust? Let Sherri help to bring it back to life so that you can truly honor the memory. Sherri will help you transform it into a sacred keepsake for you.