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I've always had a love for art, especially fabric, thread, paint and mixed media.

In 2006 a traumatic event caused me to reach deep into my soul for comfort, and out came creativity that continues to help me through the grief process - if there is such a process. My deep passion and empathic intuition is brought forth as I create, quilt and journey through this circle of life.

Helping me in this creative process is my magnificent Longarm Quilting Machine (26" Innova with AutoPilot) that comes complete with all the bells and whistles that help me create beautiful, one of a kind quilts.

Please allow me the honor of transforming your quilt tops, t-shirts, fur coats, thread, paper or anything you may have from a loved one that has passed on into a quilt or art piece that will truly be a keepsake for generations to come.

For special memory quilts or other personal keepsakes, I may connect to divine, the loved one(s), and ancestors in a sacred environment to breathe, chant, drum, sing, weave and honor the gift that has been given to me that I infuse into your keepsake so that it becomes what it is meant to become. It's your story and keepsake - I'm here to bring forth my gifts and offerings to create a special keepsake you will love.

If you have any finished quilt tops that meet the requirements set forth in the Prepping Section of the services page, I would be happy to quilt an E2E, Semi-custom, or custom quilt for you!

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