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Quilting Rewards Card and Update

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Updated website

I’m pleased to share with you my updated website that I’ve created with you in mind! You can now select your own pantograph design right on my website under the tab “Pantographs” tab. Once you find the design you’d like for your quilt, you can copy the name of the design then click “Book a Quilt” at the top of the page and paste the name in the “Message to Sherri” section of the form. If you’re not sure of the design you want, just fill out the form and let me know – I’m here to help.

New Longarm Machine - M20 Innova

What is it and why should you care? Let me tell you! My new M20 Innova longarm machine sits on a 12’ foot frame in my studio which holds up to a 120” quilt top. The M20 is not computerized, but will function as my dedicated custom and ruler work longarm – which I LOVE doing! Prefer an E2E design? This still impacts you! Because… the new M20 frees up "Lucille", my computerized Innova 26” for quilting your E2E designs. In a nutshell - All this means that I will now have a quick turn-around (1-2 weeks) for most quilts. Yay!

Loyalty Reward Card

Do you have a loyalty reward card for your favorite coffee hangout? Guess what – you can now have one for your favorite longarm quilter! ….Book 10 quilts within one year from the date you sign up and your 11th quilting is on me! Also, you’ll receive a 25% discount at your halfway point (5th quilt) of the quilting services. There will be other discounts as well throughout the year you can look forward to. Just click on this link or scan this QR code to start your punch card today!

My First Newsletter Discount

Because you are reading this, my first newsletter, if you sign up for the loyalty rewards program, you will get 25% off your next quilt booking with me! Just mention you read my newsletter to get this one-time discount.

Question of the Month

Do I need to wash my fabric/quilt before I send it to you for quilting? My Opinion Backing fabrics should always be washed to remove any sizing or other chemicals the manufacturer has put onto the fabric. Washing also makes the fabric softer, which aids in smoother needle action as the needle and thread go through the backing pulling the thread up to the quilt top and vice versa. Quilt top fabrics. I’m a proponent that fabrics that are being pieced together for a utility quilt (one that will be used and loved) should be washed before piecing. This is also a way to find out if the fabric dyes will run or bleed. I always use SHOUT Color Catcher’s when washing fabric (at least 2!) If the quilt top will be used as an art piece to be displayed on a wall or other surface, I do not wash the quilt top fabrics (only the backing).

  • Do you have a question that I can feature in a future newsletter? Email or text it to me for an additional 10% discount off of your next booking (may not be used in conjunction with other specials or promotions)

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